Temasek Review 2023

The world is rapidly changing. We must stay agile and adaptable in order to anticipate emerging trends. As part of our T2030 strategy, we have identified six key issues — challenging economic environment, geopolitical events, rising protectionism, climate change, cyber risks, and Industry 4.0 — that pose current and future challenges and opportunities.

Our Compass
in a Complex World

  • Elevated inflation
  • Geopolitics
  • Government Regulations
  • industry
  • cyber issues
  • Sustainability

The world is changing rapidly and we are preparing for the road ahead”

Lim Boon Heng

Chairman, Temasek


Temasek staff brainstorming about the current and future challenges and opportunities in this volatile operating environment

  • Resilient & Forward Looking Portfolio

  • Sustainability at the Core

  • Temasek Operating System

  • Organisation, Talent & Capabilities

Our T2030 strategy guides us to navigate a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world.

We ended the year with a net portfolio value of S$382 billion;

And continue to invest in line with our long term structural trends, to build a resilient and forward looking portfolio.

  • S$382b
    Net portfolio value
  • 63%
    Exposure to Asia
  • -5.07%
    One-year return to shareholder
  • 14%
    Total shareholder return since inception
  • S$31b
    Invested during the year
  • S$11b
    Dividend income

Temasek staff learning more about the birds and conservation efforts by Mandai Wildlife Group at Bird Paradise, its newest wildlife park

Sustainability is an ongoing journey. We are committed to embedding it in all that we do, from taking sustained action to combat the climate crisis to building a more inclusive and equitable society.

We are building future-centric capabilities within the organisation and across our ecosystem to embrace a rapidly changing world.

Building capabilities of tomorrow

Temasek staff utilising technology in their work to increase efficiency and collaboration between teams


Temasek hosted 320 socially isolated seniors from Lions Befrienders for a day of fun and games during our 2022 edition of Community Day, as part of our long-standing tradition to celebrate Temasek's incorporation by giving back to our communities

By creating value for all stakeholders, we seek to contribute to the progress, cohesion, and resilience of our communities.

So every generation prospers

Our Purpose guides us to make a difference, by actively shaping and boldly building a better tomorrow for today’s and future generations.